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Loveridge Enterprise Builders & our vision.

First and foremost – we’re not a housing company.  We’re builders.

That means we are out working on each and every project. We’re responsible every step of the way and, as importantly, we’re able to talk you through everything that’s going on before, during and after the build. There is no middle-man – the work’s done by us, and the buck stops with us.

Our number one priority when building is ensuring the client’s happiness. It’s easy to say this (and our competitors certainly do). But it’s harder to deliver consistently. With clear communication and high standards we make sure the building process is as easy and stress-free as possible.

There are very good reasons for working to an affordable budget. But there’s no excuse for average design and construction. We pride ourselves on an attention to detail that ultimately delivers the greatest in style and comfort to our homes.  The benefits a superior architecturally designed home deliver can be measured each and every day you live there.

With innovative and sustainable construction techniques and materials we can ensure your impact on the environment is lessened while providing long-term cost savings.  Overall, it’s about building smarter. Which means accurately assessing each and every need the client has right at the start of the project. Then, using some elbow grease and brainpower to ensure their budget goes further, their outlook is increased and their hopes and dreams for their new home are suitably fulfilled.

From complete customised homes to our extensive range of pre-designed homes which cover modern, small and smart designs, we can bring your dream home to life.

Renovations of all sizes are always finished to the highest standard and with only the best expert builders.

From Warehouses, Shops to Farm Buildings, LEB has the track record when it comes to completing commercial works on time and within budget. Every time.

Loveridge Enterprise Builders are registered licensed builders so you can build with confidence.  Building practitioner number: BP114844.  (See us on the registrar here).

Loveridge Enterprise Builders is part of a unique group of local builders who have joint together under the M.I.B name. This benefits our clients and guarantees your getting the best value on building supplies as well as great local knowledge and support.

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